Saturday, July 3, 2010

I can only blame myself

So, I have been slack this week and hhave been doing way too much of this.


Maybe because I had a good week last week??

Maybe because I stopped exercising last week due to getting sick??

Maybe it's the cold?? I am not really sure, but I can only blame myself.

This week's total exercise has been....nil!
This week's food...well not good to say the least. Have had a few momentary lapses of concentration. Ummm who the hell put chocolate m&m's in my trolley!!!! (oops that was me)
Alcohol intake....increased (have no idea what is going ont ehre as I am not a drinker at all, I need to get it out of my house).

So yeah, tomorrow morning's weigh in will be interesting. I don't feel fatter but I feel sluggish.

Maybe I can rely on some of the "incidental exercise" I have done this week?

Thinking about it...

I have walked my little girl to the park a few times. We walk slow, but I have carried her (11kg) most of the way... I have done a lot of cleaning as the cleaning fairies didn't come last week when I was sick (they were sick as well)!....Been a bit stressed??? Does that burn calories??? (can you tell I am clutching at straws)

Tomorow the scales will tell all...and then...I will tell you all!

Hmmm....thinking of other ways to burn calories before morning??? ;-)


  1. I'm sure you will be fine...don't worry yourself over one week...its the bigger picture that counts and you've done an AMAZING job overall! may the weight loss fairies be with you though xx

  2. You know what ..... there are things that scales can't measure. Like, what a wonderful, loving Mum you are or what a loyal and kind friend you are or what a generous person you are ..... you get the drift. But isn't it amazing how much of our self image is tied to that little machine that sits in our bathrooms! I've just read a bit of your blog and you've come so far. Really really well done!

  3. Thanks girls. When I have had a week like the last, I have to look at the overall picture and remember where I have come from.
    Catherine, you made my heart smile. Being a wonderful loving mum is the most important thing in the world for me and thank you for reminding me of this. x