Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AWARDS!! I feel like I am a kindy kid!

There are so many blogs that inspire me.
They are real.
They are beautiful.
They are deserving of winning an award like this one.
So to have the gorgeous Karen at Muffin Fixation give me this award, I feel so special. Just like a child in kindy going up on the stage for the first time in front of all the big kids that have been doing this for years.

So here is my award!
(proudly holds award under chin, smiling proudly at everyone! Where's mum with the camera?)

So now for a little housekeeping...
In order to fulfill my requirements for this award I have to do the following:

1. Thank the recipient: Thank you so much Karen!!
2. Link back to the giver: Check this out now! A very cool blog!
3. Reveal 10 things about me: So let's get started!
1.  Divorce seems to be genetic in my family.

My mum and dad divorced. My dad divorced again. My step dad is divorced from his first wife. My 2nd step mum is divorced from her first husband. My grandparents on my mums side and my dads side are both divorced. My mum's brothers (my uncles) are divorced. My dad's sister (my aunty) is divorced. So yeah, none of us kids are married. Wonder why?! In saying all that though, we are a pretty normal family and have a good time.

2. Family trees scare the living daylights out of me!

I can remember freaking out having to do one at primary school. There weren't enough branches for my family and what about the branches that fell off and were replaced by other branches but were still kind of hanging around on the ground? I kind of needed 2 and a half trees but wasn't allowed. I can't remember how I ended up handing in that project. I think I just left off half of my family. Since becoming a teacher, I have never and will never make a child do a family tree! 

3. I am addicted to the TV series LOST.

I have the first 5 seasons and have watched them countless times. I feel that if I were to be on a plane that crashed I would be geared up with all the survival tactics I need to create a nice 'island life' To bad if I crashed in the water or the desert.

4. I have two fur babies that are named Winston and Max.

They mean the world to us and are so gorgeous with my little girl. I have a blog about them here where you can see more of them. I am not very good at updatign it though.

5. I sometimes drive along listening to childrens music whilst not having any children in the car.

I think it comes with being a mum that suddenly your driving music switches from what's hot on the radio box to Wiggles & Hi-5. The current favourite is Wiggles Hot Potatoe. So you drop your child off at childcare and are ack on your journey to work or wherever you are going and before you know it you are half way to your next destination and you realise that you have been singing along to these kids songs (with no kids in the car). What a dag! It must come with being a mum that another of the things you give up is your ability to choose or be conscious of what music is playing in the car.

6. My second toe is longer than my Big toe

Is that normal? I mean it does look a bit strange and my sisters all have second toes that are shorter than their Big toe. I really hate my feet and have only had a pedicure once. It was nice but I kind of find them embarrassing as I really think my feet look ugly!

7.  When I was 8 years old, I cut my own hair.

I was at my dad's house and decided that it was time for a change. I cut a heap of it off! Like a good inch and a bit. I put all the hair in my top drawer and went to bed. Woke up in the mornign and tied my hair up. Went back to mum's house that arvo and the next day wore my hair down. Mum noticed straight away and asked when I got my hair cut? I told her Dad took me on the weekend. She thought it looked nice! Phew! Speaking of children having hair cuts, this is my little girl having her hair cut for the first time last week. No mummy didn't do it. My hairdresser days are over!

8. When I was 15 years old, I won $427.25 on a pokie machine!

I looked older than 15 but went to the local club with my parents for dinner. After dinner, we went and had a little go on the pokies (we never do this and I was so bored so mum gave me $5.00 to put in the machine. I had no idea what to press so I just pressed anything. Still dont know what I pressed but all of a sudden the money was going up and I started to freak. I quickly got mum and dad and got out of there. LOL! So funny. They were as shocked as I was. And mum and dad put the money in my bank account.

9. I watch scary movies in fast forward or on mute just so I know what people are talking about.

I hate scary movies but am always dying to know what happens in them but I hate all that suspense suff and creepy music they put in so fast forwarding or muting works for me!

10. I am fast becoming addicted to blogging and feel like I have missed out the last few years.

Okay so now I get to play teacher (even though I am on holiday) and give out some awards to 3 other deservign bloggers. This is a hard task as there are so many that I love.

But I am going to award this to:

Lucy at DiminishingLucy. She inspiried me to get started on this journey and is the awesome creater of the Fat to Fit Blog hop.
Jen at 40weeks/280days to a healthier me. She is a gorgous girl who is on an incredible journey and doing so well.

FatGirlVSWorld at I go through life in inches and pounds. Her posts are brilliant and so honest.

So go and check out these blogs and add them to your stalking following list as I am sure they wil inspire you as much as they inspire me.


  1. Wow. I'm going through a divorce too. Marriage isn't for everyone and I think I'm one of those people.

    I hate my feet too.

  2. Don't worry, my second toe is also bigger than my big toe! When I was pregnant, we actually saw in our ultrasound that my baby has the same thing, and they told us it was genetic :)

    Thanks for the inspiration! :) Your little ones (including the fur babies of course!) are so cute.

  3. LOL Ali! Thanks! I will follow up tomorrow :-) BTW I LOVE LOST also :-). Have a wonderful day!

  4. Lol this made me giggle

    I know all the wiggles and yo gabba gabba songs and have had Little Kasey Chambers and the lost music playing all day. Luckily some kids music is getting easier to tolerate!

    I also don't think they should do family tree's until high school, it is hard and awkward for some kids and can be unsettling. That is my 2 cents;)

  5. I'm another one with the longer second toe! My mom actually asked my doctors (yep, plural ... the cutest little Pakistani couple) about it when I was about 9 and she said that a longer second toe was a sign of being the boss of the family (and then said that hers was longer than her husbands) :-)
    Loved your ten!

  6. You're a doll, an adorable sugar doll - thank you!

  7. Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti...
    Spaghetti spaghetti spaghettiiiiiiii