Saturday, October 30, 2010

Progress Pictures from 104kg to 79kg and counting down

Here I am at my heaviest  - 104.2kg
This is just scary.....

This is me at my half way point of 85kg

This is me in Fiji at 77kg.

Here is where I want to be my wedding in September 2011 - 65Kg

But this is me NOW and I am pretty happy with what I have achieved so far.

10 months to reach my final goal I know I can do this because I have done all of the above in the last year. Positive thinking, hard work and dedication is what it is going to take!


  1. You're looking great, Ali. I have no doubt you'll be able to reach your goal for Fiji 2011., I'm off to check out the virtual model. That looks pretty cool!

  2. Congrats Ali you look great and what a great goal to get in shape for!!

  3. That's just awesome! Congrats on the marvellous journey and its' results! Gonna check that link out now!

  4. That virtual model is really cool. You are doing great!!! Can't wait to see you in that wedding dress:)

  5. wow. How did you manage that? I am 8+ kg and really upset my life with all this obesity.