Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lifestyle changes with friends

One of my best friends and I have just started taking advantage of daylight savings time here and going for a walk together for an hour twice a week in the evening.

I can not tell you how good it is to walk out the door at 7pm and have time to myself, to breath the fresh air and have some mummy free time with my best mate!

We walk a good pace (my dogs make sure of that) and chat as well. The exercise is the added bonus and that's what a healthy lifestyle is...making changes that are healthy and that dont seem like a chore to do.

All of my small changes have given me fabulous results on the scales theis week.

I am now down to 81kg.

16 weeks left to lose 16 kg!!


  1. God love ya!! I love my walks with my friend too, we haven't been for a couple of weeks but can't wait to get into it!! PS You are so lucky to have daylight savings!

  2. Fantastic Ali! Must feel so good to be back in the control seat again and seeing the results. You go girl and keep enjoying it!

  3. Thanks beautiful girls! Walks with friends are awesome and I really did miss being in the oontrol seat Cath, more than I realised! Its comfy up here! :)

  4. Way to go, Ali!! Hitting the streets with a friend is so much fun. You will be shedding the last 16kg before you know it.

  5. I've just dropped back to check on you 'cause I realised I hadn't followed you and so you weren't showing up on my reader. So, you have another follower cheering you on from the stands!

  6. Hi! I'm new to your blog! Congrats on your weight loss! There's no better motivation than friends! I LOVE going for walks with my best friend as well : ) If you're interested, stop by and visit my blog too!