Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look at my changes!!!!

Okay, so although they might not be massive, they are there.

And I am not only talking about the changes to my blog, but also changes to my life.

After a BIG MOMENTARY LAPSE OF CONCENTRATION, I have managed to make some changes to get back on track to becoming healthy, looking hot and feeling great!

You know it all comes down to mind frame. I am still disappointed in myself for how I let all my exercise and healthy eating habits go for the last 7 weeks but that is the past. The most important thing is not letting those bad habits go on forever. That is when I run into problems.

SO what have I done this week?

Walking - 4 times this week
Stopped eating icecream, chips, chocolate and stoped drinking juice.

Obviously these small changes have made a difference as the scales are now saying 83kg So that's a 1 kilogram loss which I will take especially after the gains I ahve had the last 7 weeks!

Plan for this week

I have organised with my best friend (who is also one of my bridesmaids) to go walking 2 nights a week. It's daylight savings here now and the weather is warming up (well not today, but it has been).

5km of Interval training on treadmill 2 nights

Drink 2 litres of water a day

Eat breakfast daily

Hope that everyone has fantastic losses this week.


  1. Looking good Ali, looking good......xx

  2. Your blog is so cheery - I love it!
    This sounds like a fantastic plan to get back on track. I've been slipping a little when it comes to exercise, so I'm going to make a plan and stick to it. Let's do this!!!