Friday, October 15, 2010

Nervous about weigh in

I havent weighed in and seen a loss since before I went away, but I am hoping that this Sunday will be the day the scales go down!

I need to head in the right direction so I can meet my goal. I have not been so good with my eating lately but have gotten back into exercise with walking 4 times this week. Hey, its not much but its a start. So let's see how we go.

Going to do some renovations on the blog this weekend with some new goals, timelines and also put in my gains that I have made over the last month and a half. Notcool to be putting in gains, but I pride myself on having an honest blog and telling you about my 'goodness' and my 'badness'.

Hope everyone else has had good weeks. Will be checking up on you all this weekend!


  1. You have to treat it like removing a bandaid - just get it over quick! Do it! ha ha ha