Friday, August 27, 2010

Which one? Help! PLEASE! Wedding Outfit!

Do I have a post for you tonight!!
I have been so busy getting prepared for our Fiji holiday (that is now 9 days away)!

There are so many things to do but here are a few important ones that I have marked off my list this week:

1. Get passports DONE (they came today WOOHOO!)!
2. Get some smokin' hot hair to compliment my new shape DONE!!!!
3. Buy some new $20 sunglasses seeming my other $20 ones are in pieces (handbag, sat on, oops). DONE!

And here are some photos of the smokin' hot hair and the new shades!

So that is all fabulous
I need your help in deciding which outfit I should wear to the wedding that we are going to while we are over there.

I originally had this dress which I had taken in from a size 16 to a size 12 (Australian).
Here is a picture of me in it tonight with my hair and makeup done

And here is another dress that is new that I bought in a shop that I never used to be able to find anything that would be my size. Now I am in a size 12 (Australian)!!!!


I hate making them so I am throwing this one to all of my gorgeous blogging friends who have been so incredibly supportive to get me to where I am am today and into these gorgeous dresses!

So which one do you think I should wear?


  1. Wow - both of those dresses are so beautiful! I had a really hard time choosing, but my vote is for the first dress. I think it shows off your shape more. I love the sunglasses and the little flower in your hair - very fresh!

  2. I love them both but the second one is definitely my favorite. You "glow" a little more in the picture :)

  3. Jeeze, woman, you are a goddess.

    The second one.

    Colour is divine on you.


  4. I'm voting for the first one. Looks sexier and shows off your shape better :)

  5. I vote for the second one - much more flattering color!

  6. Oh wow, first one for sure, you look like you could go to the races in that one - lovin the new hair, you're hott for sure woman!

  7. I love them both. My vote is for the second one though. It looks more beachy and would be perfect for Fiji! Love the hair!

  8. I'm voting the 2nd one - gorgeous.

  9. I love them both - hot chilli WOMAN!! But I hate to be a fence-sitter, I love floral and that one is so soft and feminine but the second dress is just so seeeexxxxyy!!!

  10. I don't know if we're being much help, as the vote seems split down the middle. I like the color of the second one, but the fit of the first one is more flattering. There! How's that for being helpful. LOL! I think we would all agree that you look terrific in both and really there is no wrong choice. Let us know what you decide!

  11. Oops--forgot to tell you that the hair is divine and the glasses quite stylish. Look out Fiji!

  12. I think they are both pretty! I vote for the first one though. I think you look stunning in that one. :)

  13. Thank you all for your comments xo I think I will wear the first one to the wedding and then as the other dress (the orange one) is my fav at the moment I might wear that when we go out child free for a night. I have to say, I never ever thought I would be wearing a dress, let alone choosing out of two! This is comng from someone who would wear long pants on the hottest days in Summer just because I didnt want to show any skin!

  14. I am too late to vote, but I loved the 2nd one!! You hair is beautiful!!! You look like a model!!! Have a great time at the wedding!

  15. There is an award for you over at my blog...!

  16. I am new to the blog hop and just starting my weight loss and you have been a real inspiration to me to get started as I have been reading your blog for a while. You look fantastic so congratulations! I like the first floral one as it really shows off your tiny tiny waist :-) have a nice holiday and enjoy showing off your fab new swimsuits too!!

  17. I love the first dress, shows your shape, and your waist... what an awesome blog you have... so much motivation for those around you, yet so much motivation for yourself... perhaps I should start one...