Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting out of that hole!

   It's Fat to Fit Blog Hop Time!
I love this time of week. I get to check out some blogs that I might not have seen before and of course have a legit excuse to stalk the ones I already follow!

So this week found me stuck in a hole.

It was a hole that I was struggling to get out of. I am sure many of you have found yourselves in this proverbial hole at one point or another and know how difficult it can be to ge yourself out of it.

You know what the tools you need are but you cant seem to reach them as you are distracted by your hole filling up with the rubbish from all of the food you are eating.

So if you read my post WTF!, then you know I was in a big hole.

I really had to look at why I was in this hole and how I got there.

I had been sick the previous week which put a stop to my exercise routine.
I then found myself quite hungry after not eating for 3 days. Actually ravenous!
Then came lots of time in bed.
My evening tea was soon being accompanied by a couple of biscuits.
Then the scales went up!
And before I knew it I was emotionally eating my weight gain.
I started to lie in bed longer and bought the chocolate with me.
I started adding a glass of wine at night into the mix.

All of these things made it harder for me to get out of the hole I was in.

But I had a choice.

I could stay in the hole or I could have a glass of concrete and harden the fuck up!

I chose the latter.

*I checked out some awesome blogs (See my blog roll to the right of your screen) and got some fresh inspiration.
*I looked at where I had come from to try and understand how I got here.
*I wrote a list of all the jobs I wanted needed to do and I threw out the junk food (well the small amount I had left).
*I put on my running shoes and wore them all day. If I look like exercise, I will think like exercise. 
*I got on the treadmill and I pushed myself.


So I am out of my hole and back on track to becoming a hot mumma!

Thanks to all who gave me a helping shove in the right direction!


  1. Yay to getting out of the hole! We all get off track from time to time. The important part is you didn't stay there!

  2. LOL - I love your "If I look like exercise" line! Good Work Love!

  3. Someone said to me tonight that i didn't look like someone that is athletic (b/c I'm fat) but they ate their words once i was tearing around the base path (softball)

  4. I love this and that glass of concrete! I'm DEFINITELY going to be using that line on myself a LOT :)

  5. Well done getting out of that hole!

    So glad!

    Mmmmmmwah! (that's a kiss all the way from the UK :) )

    Gail xxx

  6. I hate wearing my sneakers during the summer... summers are meant to be enjoyed by wearing flip flops! So I start my day in sneakers and the sooner I finish my workout the sooner they are swapped for flip flops!

    Keep up the great work hun! Yay for good/healthy/right choices!

  7. Isn't it amazing how we sometimes only realize after that we did have a choice. We could have made a better/healthier choice. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Thank you for all of your comments. It rally worked setting a plan up and following it. I am learnign that we are only human to have slip ups, but the key is to own that slip up, take it on the belt and move forward. Thanks again xo

  9. So glad you got out of that hole they are never fun to be in. I am coming from the Blog hop even if my computer is dumb and wont copy and paste for nothin. I love your radishes on your blog.