Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Seriously what am I doing to myself!!

My eating is out of control!

The last 24hours have consisted of a massvie binge.

I feel like while I am eating I am not even thinking and then it suddenly dawns on me that I have consumed chips, chocolate and icecream and the proverbial 'oh fuck!' (excuse language) sets in.

Emotions of happiness from eating sugary treats, then regret, the loathing at myself, then anger and frustration. Not at the food but at myself.

I think I really need to get this part of my brain sorted because otherwise I will never be able to maintain a healthy weight.

Arrhhhh sorry for the downer post. I just needed to get it out and be honest with myself and all of you.

I know I now need to be acountable for what I have put into my body and that is the tough part.

Was the taste of that food really worth it?


But will I remember that next time when I unconsciously concume all the wrong things?


  1. This is an ongoing lesson for us all ..... maybe take a leaf out of Jon Gabriel's book (I'm just starting to review it on my blog) and don't beat yourself up for succumbing to the craving, just make sure that your body gets the nutrition it needs each day on top of the craving food, even if it is in pill form (omega-3, digestive enzymes, pro-biotics and multi-vitamin). I've just started juicing to help on that front too ......

  2. I like Michael Pollan's rule on this one -- don't eat anything you're not willing to cook from scratch yourself.

    I mean if you wanted ice cream and really craved it, you would have had to wait 5 hours to eat it before it was ready. If you wanted chips (I assume you mean french fries, not potato chips... I know translation issues) would you have washed and cut up all the potatoes, brought out the deep frier, etc?

    The problem isn't the craving, the problem is the easy access. If you had to cook it all, chances are you'd be less lustful about the food by the time it was ready.

  3. Ali, I hear you. You know I do.

    What is it that you REALLY are hungry for?


  4. Thanks you so much girls.
    Catherine- I will keep an eye on your blog as you review his book.
    FGvsW- I like that analogy. I really need to just NOT buy it as you are right, it is so easy. Will try and remember that analogy. Thanks again.

  5. Bingeing/craving it is an evil dillema

    Tomorrow is a new day:) so you can get back onboard