Friday, July 2, 2010

Past, Present and Future

 I have seen this amazing tool on some blogs and thought I would give it a go.

So this is me.

Past - 104.2KG    Present - 85.5KG   Future - 70KG

Click here to see your past, present and future.


  1. How cool!

    Can't work out how to do more than one at a time really tired maybe it's just staring me in the face though

    Very motivational though :)

    Gail xxx

  2. What I did was do one at a particular weight and then saved image as on my desptop, then did the next one and saved and then the next one. Does that make sense. I thought it was a really great tool as well!

  3. Ahhhhh

    I tried to make one look like me but when I clicked on older the lady looked ancient lol


  4. Woohoo I managed it... lol I don't think my 'now' photo looks anything like me but she most certainly looks way better than the first one!


  5. I love these. Off to play now!