Thursday, June 24, 2010

Everyone loves a compliment!

So let's talk about them in this week's

Seriously... how good does it feel when someone gives you a compliment?
"Your hair looks great"!
"I love your shoes, where can I get some"? 
"Your children are gorgeous, you must be so proud".

You know what feels even better than that?

When someone notices your weight loss!

A compliment about your weight loss can be all the motivation that you need to push a little harder and say NO to the maccas drive through on the way home.

A compliment can give you the determination to keep going.

A compliment can give you that important boost to your self esteem and can be the starting off point to you giving yourself a compliment.

This week I have had 2 people notice my weight loss AND it's only Thursday :-)

The first person was a work collegue who had not seen me in 2 weeks and said "Look how much weight you are losing! You are just looking fabulous!"

The second person was my gorgeous man. I often think it is harder for people who see us every day to notice weight loss as the change happens so gradually but he told me that I am looking fabulous and that my legs were getting smaller and he was really noticing when he cuddles me.

I have written these compliments down as they mean a lot to me.

But more importantly I am going to give myself a compliment this week for the first time in a long time.

"I am so proud that am starting to fit into clothes that I never thought would fit me again. I am feeling so much healthier and the hard work I have been putting in is making me feel comfortable to step outside the house without being restricted by plus size clothing that is way to tight."

I hope that everyone else can give themselves a compliment this week.
Go on, you deserve it!


  1. Ali! You are doing a great job! I agree it is always Very nice to hear a compliment. It is really nice to hear it from someone you do see everyday cause it is harder for them to notice. i can't wait till someone says it to me! LOL. Keep up the good work!

  2. You're so right! It's validation of our little successes. Congrats on your progress!

  3. Ali, this post rocks.

    Well done.

  4. It's really nice to hear a compliment isn't it?

    You're doing great.... fitting into clothes better is always a wonderful boost... sometimes it doesn't matter whether there are compliments from other people

    I found myself looking into the mirror the other day with a fitted top and trousers on and said to myself Oooh you're looking good....

    I had never...never... thought that about myself before...! After I realised what I'd just told myself, then picked myself up off the floor I went around that day with a huge grin on my face :)

    Who needs good health when your mind can feel so happy eh? hehe

    G xxx