Friday, June 25, 2010

Body shape after babies

So right now, I am 8 kilograms lighter than I was before I fell pregnant, yet I still have this tummy that I never used to have. Yes it is smaller than it was than when I was at my heaviest but I cant shake it. Actually, I lie, I can shake it and it aint pretty but I cant SHIFT it! I wonder if I will ever have a flat stomach again?

I have more to pinch than the above photo!

On a postive note, I tried on a dress that was tight back in March and now it is so loose that I am going to have it taken in at the dressmakers.

I have only worn it once and it is a size 16 but I think I would be a 14 now if I were to buy the same dress.

It is all big across my back and under my arms when it never used to be and now kind of looks like a sack on me.

So I am losing weight across my back but not my belly. 

How things change after pregnancy!


  1. Oh goodness they definitely do change don't they?

    After mine everything was a lot lot larger! lol....

    Currently managed to get back to the weight before Child Number Two... next stop weight before Child Number One...hehe

    Sack Dresses are bad money-wise as you either have to give them away and get another or pay for them to be altered... but they certainly show you how far you have come weightloss wise :)


  2. I finally got to my "before John" weight right before his 3rd birthday and have been fighting ever since (he just turned 4) to get to my "before John's Daddy" weight. The weight will be the same but the body is going to still look sooooo different once I get there.

  3. I totally understand! My babies are 14 months apart. I was just starting to think about losing the weight of my first when I got pregnant with my 2nd! I don't know if my body will ever be the same either, LOL. But SOOOO exciting to put in a dress that is to big! I can't wait till I can get out of some of my "Fat clothes". You are doing great! Keep up the good work!

  4. Ohhhh yes! Understand this one completely. You are looking fanbloomingtastic judging by your sidebar piccies so keep it up :D I'm starting to fit into some tops that haven't fitted me for a few years - mine seems to be all coming off my boobies - much to OH's disgust :P

  5. Get the dress taken in and enjoy it now.

    Don't wait.

    (And I have no idea how to fix the mummy tummy. Surgery aside, I have no idea..........)