Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday and the scales say...

So jumping on the scales this morning saw me weighing in at 85.5kg. A fantabulous loss of 2.5 Kilograms!!!

Big thanks go out this week to the gastro bug that visited me causing me to dropabout 3.5kg over night but also to myself for ensuring that I kept most of it off.

We were entertaining guests last night, I made sure there were healthy alternatives for me to eat. Here are some changes I made & I felt great about them.

Chips and french onion dip Fantastic ricecrackers, carrot and capsicum sticks and Hommus
BBQ, potatoe bake, garlic bread Steaks cut in half and then BBQ (smaller portion), garden salad with balsamic vinegar
Icecream, chocolate mud cake Delicious Strawberries
Champers, coke, wine 1 glass of Yellow Jewel (low cal) Champagne, Diet coke, water on the table

I still offered all of the usual things as not everyone is on a diet and I think it is important to have these foods around and not be tempted by them but I was responsible for ensuring that I wasn't my own worst enemy and ruin todays weigh in.

So that is me! Now standing at 85.5kg.

Measurements to come at next weeks weigh in!


  1. Congratulations on the loss and for being so strong!!

  2. Ooooh! Wonderful! (And I love the way you renovated the menu!)

  3. WOW! WTG! Keep up the great work! Isn't it so nice to step on the scale and see that you have lost weight?! And Awesome job on switching out the foods!