Monday, June 21, 2010

Recovering from Obstacles

In the past obstacles would roadblock me on the path to weight loss success. I would use them as an excuse to stop exercising and eat what I like. A sore foot, a tired baby, work, illness, time, other commitments, etc. You get the point. I am sure everyone has stumbled upon these obstacles at some point or another.
Not anymore.

I wonder how many people work out a way to recover from their obstacle and continue down the road to success and what strategies they used?

Today has seen me come up against a big obstacle.

Yesterday I went to bed feeling (for lack of a better word) YUK! Something just didn't feel right. 

At 2am, gastro hit. I have never felt so sick in my life. 

On a side note; my gorgeous man was so wonderful. You can tell when someone loves you when they are tying up your hair and putting a cool face washer around your neck and having to clean up after you. What a you babe!

On the bright side I have lost 3kg over night but I know it will all be replaced when I get my appetite back.

What I am more concerned about it getting back into the exercise. 
The thing about gastro is it makes your body incredibly weak. You have to gradually build yourself up to doing more.

So my plan to start the C25K is now being postponed for a week while I recover from this obstacle.

I know in the past, other obstacles have stopped me from following through with my goals but not this time.

I WILL complete the C25K program, but in the mean time, its get better and then just some light walking towards the end of the week


  1. Oh how awful! Hope you are feeling better already. Following you too!

  2. Oh no! Hope you get to feeling better- GREAT attitude! You can and will do this girl :)

  3. Obstacles are hell. I did great last week, then this....depression/panic attacks/hopelessness set in, and I haven't seen the gym all week. Hopefully I will go tonight.

    Congrats on your journey thus far!