Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why do mirrors tell lies? (weekly weigh in & progress photo)

Why is it that just when you think that you are looking good when you are looking back at your reflection in the mirror, that you see a photo of yourself from that day and realise that...
the mirror was telling lies!
That, or it is broken. 

Reality brings you crashing right back down and you are left wondering why is it that reality didnt take a bigger chunk off when it decided to bite you in the arse?

That was me today.

I cant even believe I am posting this picture as I hate it so much but I need to face reality.

I put on my jeans this morning and a simple black v necklong sleeve top. I felt good and asked my lovely man to take a photo of me. I was thinking I would see something that I liked (seeming I have lost over 15kg).

Hideous I tell you. I actually feel disappointed in myself.

Thank goodness there are hardly any photos of me at my heaviest as I dont know how I would have coped. 

I know that I have worked hard and come a long way from my heaviest but I still have more hard work ahead of me.

I need to work hard to reach my goals.

I really cant wait to not be scared to have photos taken of me and to feel assured in myself that I look good.

To top it off, I only lost 500grams this week. I should be happy but I am not, maybe I would if I hadn't seen the photo but I can't hide from reality.

Here's to a better week everyone.


  1. Ali, it is in your head.

    You look fine in that photo. You look lovely.

    You need to not worry about how you look in that particular snap, adn work on how you feel in yoru head. It is more important.

  2. You know what is more important? Your goal of where you want to be. I was an obese kids once and the only way and only support I had was the image of myself in my head as a fit and healthy kid. That is the power of the mind. As Lucy says .... you need not worry about how you look now. :-) Keep at it! Colin

  3. Thanks Lucy and Colin. Some very wise words to get my head in he right mindframe. I think I have had a very distrorted view on my body for a long time. I think you are right that the main part of my body that needs to be exercised is my mind and gettign that right. I know what I want to achieve, I jsut have to believe in myself.