Saturday, June 19, 2010

How am I going to score some weight loss goals?

The World Cup is on and I need to make sure that I am setting some goals so that I can win this weight loss game that I have battled with myself for years.
First of all I need to set mini goals. Small goals to get me on my way to my big one that are the following....


My next goal to achieve is to get to 84.2kg.

This would get me to the minus 20kg mark.

This needs to be achieved by July 31st.

In time for my 10year school reunion.
Now whilst I am still undecided about my RSVP to this event, I am still using it as a goal. I am going to achieve this goal by starting the C25K challenge, continuing to eat clean, drink water, enjoy green tea when I am feeling a snack attack coming on and staying focused.
I will reward myself for achieving this goal with a gorgeous outfit for the reunion. I obviously wont buy anything yet but will keep a look out. Hey, extra walking around the shops has got to count for some incidental exercise! :)
Tell me what's your current mini goal? How are you going to get there? Share some of your best tips....please pretty please.....with a low fat/low sugar cherry on top!

Ali xo


  1. Hi Ali! My over all goal is 115lbs...But my first mini goal is 20lbs. My hubby has told me once I hit my first 20lbs he will buy me my ipod I have been wanting! I am working very hard towards this cause I want it so bad having a mp3 player will make working out at the gym so much easier. I think you are on the right track on setting mini goals! Keep it up!

  2. Jen that is great. Even better that hubby is on board and there to fund some rewards for achieving your goals. When I first started to lose weight, I set out to lose 35kg which is about 70lbs. I think breaking it down to small goals makes it more achievable and not so frightening. Thanks for your encouragement as well xo

  3. I am holidng out for a biggie to be honest Ali. Once I finish my 20:20:20 plan, then I will run the half marathon, and I am then going to have a colour and style consultation!

    BUT, in between times, for every 5kg (which is approx a dress size) I treat myself to a new bag. I am a bag addict.......

  4. Hi Ali, thank you for stopping by my current weight oriented mini goal is my 1st 10 kilos - my reward is a facial but that's not exciting me at the mo so going to think of something else!