Sunday, July 4, 2010

Big Oops!

Okay, maybe not as big an oops as the idiots below made,

and I can't lie and say "I didn't see it coming".

I do know why I have put on weight.

I do know that I was eating rubbish.

I do know that I did not exercise.

I do know that some of my weight loss last week was probably not "true" weight loss as I had been sick.

So all of those factors added up to give me a 1.5kg gain.

This is a setback for me, I wont lie. I am kind of on a holiday deadline (9 weeks today).

Going to have to work extra hard this week to get back on track.

This week:

*Exercise every day. Yep that's right! I am on holidays so I need to use this time.

*Will take my little one to the park and walk more whilst there. She will love it and I will love it! Might drag some friends along for a walking/talking catch up (at a good pace of course).

*Going to add some situps into my program this week. Nothing major.....just aim for 4 sets of 20. Need to try and work on my mummy tummy to get swimming costume ready.

*Going to go back to having some meal replacement shakes for breaky.

I did do my measurements for the month and I am happy.

Chest - 105cm = No change (Wonder if they will ever get smaller?)
Waist - 96cm =  minus 5cm
Hips - 102cm = minus 5.5cm

Nice to end on a positive!


  1. My boobs have never shrunk either. I have dropped bra size but not cup size...(lost my fat back!)


  2. Lucy, I have gone down since losing some back fat as well (lol), but like you, not the cups!

  3. Congrats on the measurements. Sounds like you have a great plan in place.

  4. Hey, check your water intake too, because I find that when I've had a bender of a week, one of the things that goes by the wayside is my 2L of water ....... just a thought! Our bodies are really good at minimising the effect of consuming / doing a thing that it doesn't really like - it holds onto fluid to dilute the effect of the stuff it's had to digest.

  5. Well done Ali- you sound so together!! But hey - isn't the cups where you want to keep it?