Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Jimminy Cricket!

You know that image in your head when you have to make a choice between something good and something bad??

One part of your sub conscience is whispering, "Go on eat that chocolate cake, no one is around, you deserve it!" and the other is saying "Do you really want that piece of chocolate cake to be added to your thighs?" (see image to the right)

Well I like to think of all of you as the one's that are telling me the latter, because let's face it, you are.

When I log onto my blog and I see 49 followers, I kind of get a little taken a back and am quite humbled. I know that 49 is not a massive amount when there are many blogs that have hundreds or thosands of followers, but it is a massive amount to me. Each one of you have at some point or another inspired me to make good, healthy choices, to not give up, to remember where I came from and where I am going.

You have shown me the way through letting me follow your blogs, through the inspiring words of truth that you write and the supportive comments that you leave for me.

You are all my Jimminy Cricket's!

That's a lot of Jimminy Crickets sitting on my shoulder!

You remind me that wishes do come true. That if I keep making the right choices then my dream to become a hot mumma is achievable and within my reach. I have seen it with the transformations that you have made and the journeys that you are on. Your support is so valued more than many would know.


  1. Great post Ali! I feel the same way...every little comment helps so much!

  2. You are still a hot mumma, you know that? But I am glad we can be your jimminies.

    Eat the cake if you are really hungry. But not as a "reward".

  3. I totally get what you're saying! Every time I get a new comment e-mail my heart "SQUEEE"s a bit in delight. On days when I get no comments I still go back and read previous ones because it really does keep me going!

  4. It's a good thing I look fabulous in top hats! Ha ha ha. I totally get your post - the support from fellow bloggers can be very inspiring.