Friday, July 23, 2010

"But I still have room in my leg!!"

Can anyone remember saying that or something like that to their parents growing up?

You would be so full from dinner and all those veges that you couldnt possibly eat all that is on your plate, but when the mention of dessert pops up, you suddenly have a bit of room that can certainly be filled somewhere in your body!


That was me.

Still kind of is or was. Not quite sure. But I am working on making it being a well and truly "was".

I have been reading up and trying to educate myself on why in the past (and sometimes present) I have this undeniable hunger urge, even after I have eaten and you know it is about a lot more than just an empty tummy!

There are 2 types of hunger.

Physical Hunger.
This type of hunger doesnt make you fat.
Your stomach growls. It builds up slowly and occurs several hours after a meal. This is how you feel after exercise or a long periodat work when you have depleted your energy stores. Your body NEEDS food and the feelings of tiredness and the noticable departure of your brain having exited the building are all signs your body is telling you that you need nutrients and energy.

and then there is this big bad Hunger Monster...

Don't be deceived by his cute appearance. He wants you to eat, eat, eat and therefore put on lots of weight!

Hormonal Hunger (yep! Damm hormones playing tricks on us again)!
This comes on suddenly. Nothing to do with meal times and can happen straight after a meal (remember that time when you still had a spare leg to fill up)! It will cause a strong emotional craving for specific foods (especially carbs). It can cause mood swings and low energy and it creates a near continual desire to eat!

Q. So how do you avoid both?

A. To avoid physical hunger, eat before you become hungry. To avoid hormonal hunger, you have to know WHAT to eat.

Q. So WHAT do you eat?

A. Low glycemic index foods (preferrably below 50). This will stops spikes in insulin followed by the crashes that come along afterwards.

Here is a link to a glycemic index and glycemic load chart that I have found helpful. It is an international list so has international brands as well.

So over the last week, I have kept the hunger monster at bay by choosing the right foods to eat and I am hoping that it is going to make a big difference on te scales this Sunday!

Hope you dont get bitten by the hunger monster anytime soon!


  1. This did make me smile. My middle daughter always used to say her pudding compartment was empty. So cute... "but you didn't manage to eat your dinner, you said you were full!" " Mummy my dinner compartment IS full but my pudding compartment is empty"

  2. My thing was always "ice cream will melt and fill in all the little empty spaces" :)

    Last night was definitely hormonal hunger for me. Never good to have that happen the night before weigh-in. I'm TERRIFIED to see what that coupled with the monthly bloat-fest is going to do to the scale. I just know it won't be at all pretty ...

  3. I have never thought about hormonal hunger before. I posted once about hunger in the belly (physical) versus in the head or heart (emotional or craving). I am so not on of those people who only eats when she feels physically hungry but I am getting better.

  4. I've never checked out the glycemic index before - thanks for the link!

  5. My children tell me they have two tummies. The pudding tummy always has room...........

  6. I love the Hungry, Hungry Hippo cartoon! I will have to recheck out the glycemic index. It has been awhile. Thanks for reminding me!

  7. Thx for the link to the chart! I am going to check that out. That is one of the things i stuggle with. I "want" to eat. I "love" food. Heck I didn't get this way not eating and hating food, lol. However i am hoping that my actual stomach is starting to shrink cause I can only eat 1/3-1/2 of what I use to! So hopefully this chart will help me on picking the correct foods to help me stay full. Thanks so much ALI!

  8. I gave you an award because I have been enjoying your blog.

    Check it out:

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments.

    Karen- That monthly time is just the worst for the esire to eat carbs/sugar. Hugs. Dont let it get you down.

    Carmen and Lucy- that is cute of your children. They dont realise that we have been there and tried that one before!

    Bridgette- I thought that Hungry Hippos cartoon was gold as well. So true!

    Waisting time- hormonal hunger is a big challenge for me as well.

    Raegun & Jen- it is quite interesting seeing the GI chart. Fruit is another one to be careful of because of the natural sugars in some types.

    Jen- that is great that your stomach is shrinking.

    Emily- thank you for the beautiful award. I have just been to your blog and following now. You have been doing so well!