Monday, July 19, 2010

If the scales could talk...

What do you think they would say to you?

I am in the market for some new scales as my one does not give me accurate readings. It just does to the nearest kilogram/pound.

These talking scales look good as I would love to know what it has to says each time I jump on the scale.


•Automatically turns on when you step on the scale (step & weigh)
•Various funny voice commands (can say 'hello', 'good-bye', 'I think you just broke me!', 'Is someone else on here with you?', 'Eh, eh...I can't breathe', 'It's a good thing I can talk, 'cause you probably can't see me', among other sayings)
•Extra large digital display

Will ley you know if I end up getting some.

Yep, they are definitely trying to tell me something!


  1. LOL! That would be so funny!

    Hubby and I think we should market specialized voices for GPS devices, such as "Nagging Wife" and "Cranky Kid in the Back Seat"!

  2. LOL Ali! I think I need a scale like that! Let us know what you end up with. I bought a fairly cheap one but it does weigh every .2 pounds and on the .5 mark also.

  3. My scale measures in .2 ounces but you have to tap it to turn it on. I don't know if I could take a talking one...

  4. Mine would say get the hell off we both know what you weigh.

    Or simply ouch!