Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Song!

Today was weigh in day (even though I have had a feew sneaky peaks through the week)!

The song that became Sunday and had me dancing after getting up at 10:30am
(Love it when kids sleep in)

Rock DJ
by Robbie Williams
Warning: this music video is quite controversial and you shouldn't watch if you have a weak stomach so think carefully before clicking on Robbie's body!

So the reason for a bit of Rock DJ was because I am down another Kilogram which brings me to 83kg. This song always makes me dance and is a "happy' song for me!

I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I have received over the last week. Returning to work after 2 weeks holidays made a lot of people notice some changes. I think when you dont see someone everyday you really can tell. My other half has been giving me lots of encouragement and praise for my efforts and is really proud of me and most importantly I am proud of myself.

I have 6 weeks until my island holiday. Did I tell you we are attending a wedding whilst we are there for some very good family friends? I will get the dress that I intend to wear altered 2weeks before we go as it is an Australian size 16 and now I think I would need a size 12! I am still a size 14 but because the dress is quite flowy I could comfortably get away with a 12.

My weight goal for my holiday is to lose another 6kilograms. 6 in 6! I think it is doable and not an unrealistic goal.

It will still require hard work so my plan is:
Biggest Loser shakes for breakfast
Carrots/capsicum/celery and other raw veges wih either hommus or salsa as a snack
Lunch will be my main meal
Small dinner
If hungry at night I will have green tea.

Exercise this week will include:
5 sessions of at least 5km of interval training each session on the treadmill
100 situps and 50pushups each day.

You may notice I am not around toomuch at the beginning of the week for the next few weeks. Work is hectic (I work the first half of the week as I am part time) and recently got a promotion which is code for a shitload more work so I am rather busy up until Thurs/Friday.

Hope that everyone else is going well. Looking forward to checking out everyone's progress towards teh end of the week.


  1. Hi Ali,

    I have something for you on my blog. Stop by to pick it up!

    Joy at


  2. That video is hilarious. I really need to my husband some of those tiger underwear, ha ha. Congratulations on the loss. Good for you for doing 100 situps and 50 pushups. Man...I don't think I can manage 5 pushups!

  3. Good on you Ali, I love that you sound really focused and am stoked that you reckon you'll need to take your dress in! Great piccies too xx

  4. Fantastic results Ali. Keep it up .... you're going to be one hot beach babe at this rate!

  5. Thank you so much for your comments. I am feeling really good lately. Just loving it! xo