Thursday, October 17, 2013

Every walk is a walk in the right direction

I have upped my exercise this week. It is only Wednesday and I have already managed to get 2 walks in a day the last 3 days.

I have downloaded an app called Runkeeper. You've probably heard of it. I am finding it a great motivator. So far I have completed over 33km this week. Wonder how many Km I will clock up by Sunday.

I am noticing differences in my face and I am really looking forward to doing measurements at the end of the month. I know there will be some losses. The scales read 108kg so I am now 6kg down.

It is my son's baptism on November 3rd so I am really hoping that I am at least down to 104kg which will mean 10kg lost.

Still so far to go, but I have to break it down into small steps to be successful.

My ideal weight would be 65kg. So from my starting weight, that is a whopping 44kg to lose. It sounds huge. It is huge.

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