Monday, January 2, 2012

Measuring up!

So today was a great day.

I did lots of great things.

1. Ate a healthy breakfast
2. Drank lots of water
3. Did 5Km on the treadmill and then 10minutes on the spin bike (my legs were dead)!

4. Wrote out a good list of things to do to kep me busy when I feel hungry
5. Didn't eat fastfood
6. Said no to chocolate cake and icecream!

I also took all my measurements today:

Chest- 110cm
Waist (smallest part)- 99.5cm
BellyButton Measurement -115cm
Hips- 116cm
Thigh (widest point) - 73.5cm
Calf (widest part) - 45.5cm
Upper Arm (widest part) - 38.5

Will measure at the begginning of each month and weigh in every Sunday (weekly).

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