Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to the future!

Without my little blogging world community I am not sure where I would be. Actually I am pretty sure my hand would still be in that bag of chips! Thank you to every one of my supporters. I have noticed a few new followers as well and I am goign to try and catch up and visit your blogs as I know all of you will be able to inspire me as I follow your journeys.

I have taken some massive risks lately. risks I wouldnt ordinarily take. It's funny that  in days gone by I would not have shown anyone photos of me and now I feel so good showing people how far I have come. The support, encouragement and inspiration that you have given me in my Swimsuit post and easing my fears about it and then picking me up when I had lost my way, encouraging and inspiring me to get back on track have been invaluable.

Well I am back on track. I weighed in this morning and am back to 79.5kg so that means last weeks half kilogram gain is now a 1kg loss and I am back on the path to achieving my goals and it is great to now be heading in the right direction. I cant believe that your help has helped me to tur myself around and get a loss with 4 days of hard work. Not only that Ihave broken through the 80's (just) so now I am a 70's girl! It has been a long time!

I have been so busy lately but need to keep reminding myself that I need and deserve my time as well. I feel like I am time poor (hence catching up on all of yout blogs at 1am on a Saturday night and then being so tired this morning but things just seem to be so busy!

Today marks only 3 weeks to go until our holiday to Fiji. Putting the dress in to be altered this week. Cant wait to show you what it looks like.

Right now though I have added a couple of photos from this weekend of my gorgeous girl and I!



  1. Big hugs! When I looked at the photos, the new blog ones on the left matched up with the Feb 10 photos on the right - what a difference! Your daughter has got bigger and you've shrunk girl! Hey, well done for getting on track. Me, I'm still struggling ......

  2. Glamour Pusses!!! PS - I know exactly what you mean, I know we do our own hard work but I really don't think I would be half as good at it without the support from our bloggie worlds!

  3. Way to get back at it! You will be smoking hot for Fiji.

  4. You are looking fatastic and congrats on the swimming costume pics - you look amazing.
    I'm about to start my weightloss jourey with about six and a half stone to go, I have a craft blog where i show my cards and scrapbook pages but I'm curretly trying to pluck up the courage to add pics of myself and my feelings etc - wish me luck.
    Take Care Hun - Ju xx