Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unlocking the most important tool to weightloss.

No, this post is not going to tell you to eat less and exercise more. Yes that is important but there is something that is far more important to get to wherer you want to go. Keep reading if you want to find out what that is.

I have been on the path to becoming a hot mumma since August 2009. Since that time I have lost 20kg (44pounds).
There have been times where I have become distracted on the path to my destination, times when I have been off smelling the roses just a little too much (and managed to add a little bit more junk in the trunk while I was at it), but it was never long until I found my way back to being on that path again and continued to make the load I was carrying even lighter.

So how do I stay on the path???

First of all, it took a lot of searching to find someone to guide me onto the right path. I had a lot of encouragement from lots of different sources but the one person who helped me get on the path to where I am now was me. I was staring myself in the mirror. There were so many clues along the way that it had to be me ie. photos of me I would just delete so I couldnt see myself, occasions I would avoid going to, clothes that I just wouldnt wear.

I was the key to making the decision to lose weight, get healthy and feel fantastic and since I became my biggest supporter, I am finding myself staying on the path more and more. Until you find you, the longer you will stray off the path.

I still ocasionally stop and smell the roses, treat myself, celebrate different things....and that is so important to do....but the most important thing is to remember that there are the most amazing smelling roses at the end of the very end of the path and you wil only get to smell them if you keep on travelling.

So many times I would say to people...

"I eat healthy foods, I exercise and I cant lose weight".

But reading between the lines, what was really happening was I would eat right for a little while, maybe exercise a few times and then not lose much and give up. It was teh giving up and the lack of "I am going to do this" mindset that was preventing me from losing weight. Now I see that very clearly.

So make sure you are your biggest support by unlocking your mind as that is what will make up a success. But I am always here to try and support you as well, just in case you do wonder off the path to smell those roses!

How it's time to go and blog hop. Click on the button bellow that says "Fat to Fit" and check out Diminishing Lucy's blog for the details. It's lots of fun and some great reads in the links attached.

Hoping your week is going well!


  1. I so agree with that xxx

    We are all individuals.. it's so easy to say well I can't exercise so there's nothing I can do about it... I didn't stop searching until I found something that wasn't a faddy diet/quick fix that was 800 calories a day (I get enough dizzy problems already without not enough calories going into the tank! lol)

    I'm so glad I found Slimming World.. it really has changed my life... I eat more and, heck, yesterday I had an echo bar and 4 mikado sticks... chocolate tastic! lol... I've lost the weight of my daughter! 2 and a half stone without having to exercise! Slimming World Is The Way.....

    ...well for me ;) ... don't want to make it sound like a cult hehe

    Some of us have to really ramp up the exercise, some have to do both.. we're all different but we have to keep going until we find what is right for us.

    LOL sorry that was a bit long, I'll get my coat.....

    Gail xx

  2. You are SO right. And if you have got that mindset, nothing can stop you.

  3. Nearly gave up a few times along the way though that's for sure.... when all doctors can offer solution wise is 'rest' .. I don't wanna! lol....

    Re: green tea.. tried that a few weeks ago... tasted like fish! euwww I hated the taste soooooo much hehe

  4. Ali! Have I ever told you before I love your blog! You are dead on with this. In the past I have tried to lose weight and just gave up when it wasn't as fast as I wanted. This time it is the slowest but I feel like I have the right mind set. I feel like I am on the right path this time. Yes I do like to smell the roses but this time it is not very often. Keep up the great work!