Saturday, July 17, 2010

7 weeks to overcome my biggest fear.



Basically shiting myself that in 7 weeks (omg) 7 weeks, I am going to be on a plane to Fiji.

No, I am not afraid of the plane ride over there, rather the thought of parading along the beach or pool side that scares the living daylights out of me.

Time for a confession.

I have not been swimming in a public area for over 3 years. Sydney has some of the best beaches in the world yet I avoid the beach as I just never thought that I fitted in with the typical beach beauties.

So why in the world did we choose to go to a tropical island resort for a holiday?!

I think deep down I had to accept the challenge of getting into a swimsuit again. Really I have no choice now. I have a daughter who loves the water and its not really much fun sitting on the waters edge all covered up avoiding questions from passer byers like, "Aren't you hot in that?" and tying really hard to not show the perspiration on your forehead as you reply "No, it's not that hot" (whilst secretly melting underneath your layers).

So over the next few weeks I am going to start looking for a swimsuit that hides my worst bits and flatters my best bits. Just have to work out what my best bits are to flatter!

In the mean time, exercise, eat well and think well and checking out this site to see what might suit my shape the best.

Trying not to be scared!!


  1. Ali -- who the #@$#@ cares? No one on fiji will track you down at home and say "omg, your choice of bathing suit offended me"

    Wear something you feel comfortable in (no matter how much skin it covers), and find a pretty sarong to match.

    This is all in your noggin.

  2. I know the place you are coming from but the thing is, it is me who cares. I care about how I am going to feel on my holiday and as much as how we feel shouldnt depend on how we look, it does. I want to be proud of my body and the work done for it to look good instead of seeing every bit of junk food I have eaten showing in each bulge. I guess it is similar to why my other half asks me why do I do my hair and put makeup on? It simply is because it makes me feel good. Its not about putting any makeup on or any hair colour in, its about finding what compliments me. I have only just started to undress again in front of my other half. I know he thinks I am beautiful no matter what but its an internal feeling of self-conciousness that is still ever present.

  3. Ali, remember this - once you are IN the water, no one can see. Simple.

  4. Well said, Lucy! I totally get where you're coming from though, Ali. I think back to my honeymoon 4 years ago (when I was also like 50 lbs lighter!) and I was terrified leading up to the trip because I knew it would involve many seaside hours on the beaches of Hawaii. Just use this as motivation to stay on plan and have fun picking out a suit that you love. Get a pedicure, a pretty sarong and some nice sunglasses and you'll feel awesome.

  5. Alli, I know exactly how you feel! But you know what? You SHOULD be proud of yourself! You've lost what? 20 kilos and are a size 14! Babe you are going to look absolutely sensational and what's more completely normal! Get yourself a spray tan (visual slimming trick apparently) and togs that gather to one side of your waist.

    PS - you were brave enough to give birth, this little gig is going to be a walk on the beach (pardon the pun)! xxx

  6. You will rock whatever suit you end up buying! I personally love the water and know how hard it is to walk out to the pool with tons of people watching. The good news is that as the weight has come off I have begun to care a little less what others think!! It happens with time! You will get there!

  7. I can totally relate to what your saying. I live in QLD and last summer I wore a 3/4 sleeve black cardigan nearly every day and people use to stop me at the park and ask if I was hot all the time, every time I walked off I felt like bursting out crying!! You have come so far already and should be proud of yourself I think! Try Target as last spring I bought some very flattering swimmers and matching shorts so fingers crossed they bring them back this year!!!