Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why .....day?

So which day is your weigh in day and why?

I finally found a weigh in day that works for me and up until now, I never really thought how important the selection of a Weigh in day is.

I used to just weigh in on whatever day of the week I started "the latest way to lose weight". To be honest, with all of the diets I have started over my life, I have probably had a weigh in day on every day of the week!

But it is important! I used to weigh in on Thursdays. Thursdays were bad news! Thursday would allow me to splurge on Friday (which would also lead into weekend splurges) whilst I promised myself as soon as Monday arrives, I will be back into it and work so hard for Thursday. Well, I failed because 4 days of being good is not enough to make a difference on the scales when I was having 3 days of bad!

Monday was also another fail for weigh ins for me. At first, Monday felt appealing....its the start of the week and you can have a fresh start after bad weekends, but Mondays gave me a false security of thinking that I would jsut work hard for the work day week (Mon-Fri) and then I can relax on the weekend. Well for me, its not good to relax for the 2 days before weigh in and undo all of the hard work done during the week

But then I found....

Sunday keeps me honest on my most tempting days/nights (also known as Friday and Saturday), when I know my weigh in day is looming so I am more likely to pass on the temptations that those days and night offer.

Sunday gives me a chance to relax a little on that day (post morning weigh inof course) so that I can still be human and have a little treat, whilst still leaving 6 days to get back into it and move those numbers on the scales backwards.

So yes Sunday is best for me!

So when do you weigh in and why?


  1. I chose Fridays for many reasons. I first chose it because it was the first day of my "diet". But the more I thought about it I liked it because I would weigh in right before the weekend and see a loss and that would make it where I would not want to splurge on the weekend. I don't want to undo all the hard work that I have done. But By being Human if I were to cave and treat myself most likely it would be on Saturday still giving myself 6 days to make up for what ever I did.

  2. I flip-flop. For a long time it was Sunday because that would give me some flexibility for eating the days of big family gatherings ... but I recently switched to Fridays. I work overnights and have Wednesday and Thursday nights off from work and having that Friday weigh-in keeps me less likely to sit here watching tv those nights eating endlessly & mindlessly. In theory, anyway. I have to do a lot more work than just changing what morning I step on the scale but so far the scale threat has at least helped a little :)

  3. i weigh in whenever I use my Wii Fit...
    but i don't stress about 1 or 2lbs up or down. I worry about trends. 1 or 2lbs could be water weight.
    But if I'm up/down 3 or more, then I start to investigate why.

    I don't allow myself a cheat day. Every day is a day to make good choices, and to not stress about bad ones.

  4. Do not even get me started on weighing in days......(but for the record, mine is once a fortnight on Wednesday nights.......that is when I use my trainers fancy scales.)

  5. Ooooo what fancy scales are they Lucy?

  6. Mine is Thursday and I agree with you for the same reasons...my treat Friday runs into the weekend. Sometimes I go on Saturday but I like the people in my Thursday group better! Its a matter of convenience for me!