Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please yell at me.. I have been bad!

I disappeared for a while because...I felt like a failure :(

I stopped blogging because I stopped being healthy.
I stopped exercising.
I stopped weighing myself.

I gave myself a free pass until New Years Day thinking I had 2 months then to hit it hard for my wedding dress fitting and be in fabulour shape so I could order the size I wanted.

Well it hasn't turned out that way and here is why...

My dress wasnt supposed to be ordered until end of February but the week before Xmas I got a phonecall saying I had to come in straight away for a fitting as my dress was being discontinued.

I had not begun working on my weightloss as my wedding isnt until September and I thought I would go for broke in Jan and Feb to order a dress that is closer to the size I want to be by September. Anyway this threw a massive spanner in the works as being Xmas and party season I had put on weight.
So I went in and got measured and the lady was adament that I should order the size I am now or bigger as with my dress there are no side seams to take it out. It is a slimline dress.

She said I should order a size 14 and it can always be taken in up to 2 sizes without the bust line and stuff starting to look strange. I said that I was definitely going to lose weight and that I have actually lost 20kg over the last year and that was just for a friends wedding. I still have another 15kg-20kg I want to lose.

She said so many brides come in and say they will lose weight but most dont so we would STRONGLY advise you to order the size 14.


My dress wont come in until July so I have until then to kick my fat goodbye. Between going back to work full time, raising an almost 2 year old and planning an overseas wedding, I am sure I can get a routine going and lose it. and I will show that bridal shop lady that she was WRONG!

I need your help guys...I need you to help keepme on track. I will be reading your blogs and making sure I update mine. I am getting back to regular weigh ins.

Today I weigh 84kg. (Sad)......but next week I will weigh less because of the hard work I will put in from now.


  1. Did you order the size she suggested? I have to be fitted for a bridesmaid dress today and was also told not to order down. I can't imagine I would lose more then 2 sizes anyway.

    You can do whatever you set your mind too. I'll be reading everyday, promise!!!

  2. Welcome back, Ali! It sucks when the best laid plans get tossed aside due to things beyond control. The important thing is that you're focused and you know what has to be done. When I bought my wedding dress I went with one size down (and ended up taking it in twice!). The store urged me to get my current size, but I felt confident. Never was there a better motivator!!!

  3. Welcome Back! I too have just returned this week! We can do this together! I know I need to, and from the sounds of it you want to also.

    I know you can lose the weight you want!

    Keep us updated and together we can get you where you want! I know the hardest thing to do is blog when you are not doing well. But that is the time you need to blog the most! (I know I do not have much room to speak here as I have failed in this area also).


  4. I lost over 25 kg for my sister in laws wedding and ordered a size 12 dress it had to be taken in to a size 10 my sister in law refused to buy me a smaller size saying I couldn't do it! I proved her wrong and have kept all but 3kg off. You can do whatever you put your mind to you are a determined woman and nothing should stop you from achieving your dream. You MUST exercise and limit your alcohol to two drinks a week or it won't come off as easily (I know from experience). Good luck and I look forward to seeing less of you!
    There are SO many inspirational weight loss blogs out there to motivate you.
    Love Adalita

  5. What a b*tch - I have heard some shocking stories about women who work in bridal shops. One friend even got told to go away and come back when she wasn't tired - all because she didn't like the suggestions the fitter was making!!

    Mate - you can do it!! You've already lost 20 kilos once - you can do it again and I will be here cheering you on!!!

  6. Thanks beautiful girls!
    I have had a good few days and am hapy to be back on track with my health and weightloss.

    Andrea- Your poor friend. They can beso rude. I seriously amthinkng that they just want to make more money from doing alterations. I wont be taking it to them to get altered thats for sure!

  7. I just found your blog, you have done amazing work! Ill be watching to see your journey - good luck!