Sunday, September 26, 2010

We have all done it right??....Time to get back to reality!

You reach a goal, you relax, you have a few extra wines, some extra nibbles, you stop exercising and before you know it you are way off track!

It was time for me to weigh in tonight and face reality after not getting on the scales for 3 weeks.

I am now 81kg! I think I have put most of that on since I got home to be honest but I need to make some changes, own that weight gain of 4.5kg (how someone gains 4.5kg in 3 weeks I will never know!!!)

Got big plans a head and new goals to set. Will keep you updated!


  1. Doesn't that just stink? Turn our backs for two seconds and bam! Those pounds just jump back in there.

    Sort of like watching a avert your eyes for a millisecond and they're on top of the china cabinet, or pouring powder all over the rug or eating the dog food.

    Glad you have a plan in place!

  2. Don't stress, you're at least aware of it.

    One thing though ...... you may find you quickly drop some weight as soon as you go back to eating 'normal' and more importantly, drinking heaps of water. I dropped 2 Kg in 24 hours when I went back to my eating pattern of dropping carbs and drinking more water. Felt much better after that!

    See how you go, but don't beat yourself up. You've done such a great job and have so much going for you now!