Friday, September 17, 2010

I wore this dress!

Thank you for all your congratulations on my engagement. I am still buzzing!

Once upon a time, there lived a girl without any dresses in her wardrobe. She wouldn't be caught dead showing off her legs and just could never find any dresses that would fit.

Then as confidence grew as weight stated to come off, dresses started to appear and now this girl had a choice of dresses to wear!

Never, ever did I think I would be that girl.

I took both dresses pictured here away on holidays with me as I could not decide and when I asked all of you, it seemed pretty even so I thought, I will see what I feel like wearing on the day.

Well I decided and you can see for yourself what it looked like on the day. I felt so good and got lots of compliments on the colour and how good it looked on me. Can't wait for it to get warmer in Sydney so that I can wear it again!

In the garden before the wedding we went to
 Having a dance at the wedding reception with Miss Twinkle Toes!
My little family just after sunset.


  1. looking good Ali! When are we going to hear how prince charming popped the question? xx

  2. Congratulations, you look amazing. Take it all in and enjoy it as much as possible.