Saturday, August 7, 2010

One year since the beginning

Tomorrow will be mark one year since I started in this journey (properly).

One year ago I decided that I had enough of hiding beneath all the layers of fat.
A beautiful friend who I met through mother's group had been going to Weight Watchers after having her gorgeous son and I had noticed all of her baby weight coming off. I asked her about what she had been doing and decided I would go along to WW with her. It was time to face the scales and see what they said.


WTF! This was bad. I never really saw what was really in the mirror but it was made crystal clear at that moment.

Yes I had a baby 5 months earlier but I had lost the baby weight within 2 weeks of giving birth (I was quite healthy during pregnancy and only gained 8 kilos). What I had to lose now was the chocolate, junk food and couch weight that I had put on whilst on maternity leave. 10kilograms had been gained in 5months! That's shocking! But I suppose that is what eating at all hours, eating high sugar/fat foods just to get that quick energy fix, no exercise due to being so tired and just eating a lot of processed convenience foods will do to your body.

So I began the journey with WeightWatchers and had my good and bad weeks (mainly good) and kept this up until December when I had lost a total of 11kg. The program worked for me. It taught me a lot and I loved that I never ever felt like I was on a diet. It was little changes that bought results on the scale. I think it was also the first year in ages that I didnt gain weight over Christmas. I kept my eating during the festive season under control. It was after Christmas that I quit WW as i jsut felt liek I was wasting money just to go there and only lose a few hundred grams so I stopped going (when I stopped going to WW that things started to go pear shaped again and I gained some weight).

After a massive momentary lapse of concentration,

I  had renewed motivation when talk of going to Fiji came up as some friends are getting married there!
YAY!!!! A holiday!!!
Oh F*%K!!!!! Swimmers!!!!
The thought of wearing swimmers terrified me!!! Most Summer's I would just hide away inside in the air con but this was not an option on this holiday.

Time to get to it again!

I started to really make use of the treadmill sitting in my lounge room, spend less time on the couch and now have a toddler to chase after. At times it has been hard work...really hard work, but I am making progress.

From then until now has been pretty well documented over this blog.

I thought seeming it has been one year on my journey I should include my progress. You have probably seen some of these pictures of my progress on my blog but here are some photos of me in the last year anyway.

October 2009 - 97kg
February 2010 - 97kg (after regaining some of the weight I had lost)
May 2010 - 96kg
June 2010 - 88kg
July 2010 - 85kg
July 2010 - 84kg
August 2010 - 80kg
August 2010 - 80kg

I am feeling so much lighter. I have lost almost 24.2kilograms which is 53.2pounds and I can live life.

I hope that in the next year I can reach my goal of 70kg.

Then bypass it by at least 5kg taking me to 65kg and hold that weight for the duration of the year.


  1. You look so bonny and happy and I can hear in your posts how inspired and motivated you are.


  2. Thanks Lucy. It has been quite a journey so far and I have learnt more than I ever thought I could in this time. Thankyou for your amazing support and for inspiring me xo

  3. You are doing SO great, Ali!!! You and the gorgeous little one of yours deserve it :)

  4. In my best hot chocolate karaoke voice...."I believe in sexy thing!!" I know it wasn't a mircle it was damn hard work...but the song just popped in my head after seeing your photos and hearing the pride in your voice!!

  5. You've accomplished so much in the past year, Ali. Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful.

  6. WOW!!! So proud of you! Look at what you have done in just one year! You are so close to your goal too. You can do it! What an amazing accomplishment!!

  7. Congrats chookie! Have an apple to celebrate!

  8. Way to go! You've come a long way in a year!