Thursday, August 5, 2010

I went shopping and bought...

Some swimmers for my holiday to Fiji !!

(which is in 4weeks and 3 days!)

I didn't go out to intentionally buy a swimming costume today. I was just up at the shops and thought I would see if there was much about. It is harder then what you think to buy a swimming costume (especially when it is the middle of Winter here) and there was not much to choose from but there was a colour that really stood out to me..
I went with
 this colour and I think it will compliment my skin really nicely and look great in amongst the vibrant blues of the sky and the waters surrounding me.
I was going to go for black but decided that black may be a little dull for a island holiday.

I chose a one piece over a two piece as I wanted the option of being able to hide my tummy if I wasn't feeling confident. I have a two piece that I may consider taking with me as well.

Might pop some photos of me in it for a sneak preview in the next couple of days. I know that you all will tell me honestly what you think of it.

Not feeling like making the effort to get into them right now to show you a photo but promise to do one soon

I won't rip the tags off until I get the approval.


  1. I love tankinis that cover the belly but are in two pieces so more comfy for a long day in a suit. What a great invention.

  2. You find a suit!! Yea!! I can't wait to see a picture!

  3. Well you won't get the approval til you show us the

    You've seen mine :)

    ..although mine is really loose now I'm getting worried.... when I go in the water it's probably going to bag and my boobies will be on show!!!!

    ..perhaps I'll watch my son from the viewing area instead...

    *runs away*


  4. That colour is just outstanding! Can't wait to see it, especially with the results of your efforts lately you legend!