Sunday, August 1, 2010

And the nominees are....

Gain ............................Boo!
Loss ...........................WOOHOO!
Stay the same?.............>meh!


And representing loss this week is

Let me just say I am a little lost for words but here is my best effort.

That is a loss of 3kg!

First of all I would like to thank the food that has nourished me over thie last week. Not only have you tasted great, but you have kept me healthy and did not sit in my body and turn to fat. You can come again anytime  as you haven't overstayed your welcome (special mention of some of the most popular foods this week are mentioned below).

Special thanks also go to my other half for not bringing home any alcoholic beverages this week (if it's not here, it can not be consumed).

More thanks going out to family especially my gorgeous daughter who has kept me extremely active this week by running away from me laughing every time that I say stop (because it is so funny to see mummy get up and down chasing me and picking me up) and for bringing the joy of dancing back to me. So many dance sessions have been held at our house this week. Most involve me holding and spinning 10 additional kilograms around which must have contributed to me reaching 80kg!

Also minor thanks go to a little thing called stress and of course being the week after my most bloated time off the month.. I am sure you have both helped in some way.

And to each and every one of you who have supported me through my blog or by writing your own, you each give me inspiration and strengthen my inner powers to achieve and succeed! 

Popular food choices this week:
Biggest Loser Shakes for breakfast
Carrots with hommus for morning snack
Multigrain sandwich with tuna, salad no butter.
Strawberries or watermelon for arvo tea
Soup or grilled chicken breast with winter veges (favourites at the moment are broccoli & cauliflower)
Green tea x 2
Normal tea with skim milk (no sugar) x 1
Diet coke
Water x 3 

Exercise this week:
Treadmill 5km a day (5 days)
Abs x100 (5days)
Lots of incidental walking, running, rushing, chasing, cleaning, stressing, dancing, lifting, etc!

Chest-100 (minus 2cm)
Waist- 84 (minus 4cm)
Hips- 100 (minus 2cm)



  1. HUGE smiles here! Well done!

  2. Love your post!!! What a great week!! Congrats on your weight loss. This is inspirational to me. Just goes to show, if you put the work and effort in, it pays off!! You did it and had fun too! Way to go! Hugs!

  3. Awesome Ali - you rock! 3 kilos seem sto be a popular number round here lately xxx

  4. Any loss is great, so congratulations, but I had to consult a conversion calculator to see what 3 kg is in pounds.

    THAT'S 6.6 POUNDS!! YIPPEE!! You DEFINITELY deserve your award! LOL

  5. This deserves a standing ovation from the Academy. Congrats!!

  6. You are doing a wonderful job! Congratulations on achieving a new milestone! And what a boost, to finally have others notice, and in such a pleasant manner. What fun!

  7. In the words of a true Aussie .... 'you bloody beauty'! You deadset legend! Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

  8. Congrats Ali!! That is truly awesome and a wonderful accomplishment!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is beyond awesome, what a great loss!!

  10. well done on your loss! just stumbled upon your blog and heading over to the 'follow' button now, hoping your motivation will rub off on me while I continue the weight watching journey! Cheers :)